Become a Meetup Coordinator

Lambda School invests in human potential. We are pioneering a new model of education in which we invest in our students first – not the other way around.

Learning in a remote environment can sometimes feel challenging and isolating. As a result, Lambda strives to provide community-building opportunities for students to get to know each other, both virtually and when available, in person. We strongly encourage students to take an active role in Lambda's community and participate in all that Lambda has to offer!


Lambda hosts monthly meetups the first Friday of every month. Meetups are an opportunity for Lambda students and alumni to come together and meet in person. Lambda Meetup Coordinators also network with local tech companies to increase student visibility and set up office visits. This provides the opportunity for Lambda students to check out the developer ecosystem and become familiar with the profession, while building their networks and making friends.

Lambda has Meetup Coordinators in cities all over the United States, Canada, Europe and Africa. Want to find out where Lambda students and alumni local to you are getting together? Check out your local city, state, or country slack channels.


What are a Meetup Coordinator’s Responsibilities?

Meetup Coordinators (MC) create the Lambda Community in real life! Becoming a coordinator means you will help facilitate a monthly meetup for students in their local area. The Meetup Coordinator will initiate conversations with students local to their area to set up in-person monthly meetups.

We love seeing our students coming together and networking with each other on Zoom, but there’s no substitute for real-life connections. That’s where an MC comes in!


Hosting a Monthly Meetup

Meetups provide an opportunity to get students out from behind their computers and network with their Lambda peers in-person.

Facilitating meetups is generally a 2-4 hour per month time commitment.

Students don’t have to do this on their own! MCs can Slack their local channel to find out where they want to have the next meetup (e.g. Escape room, Bowling, Laser tag, Axe throwing, local concert, go karting) and see what the majority would like to do and when. This can help MCs see what interests their group of students. You can also get ideas from other MCs — you’ll be added to a Slack group of MCs from your region.

Becoming a Meetup Coordinator

Don’t have meetups happening in your area yet?
Apply with the link to become a volunteer Meetup Coordinator.